To make Kombucha, first you've got to gather a few ingredients:
- 3 Tbsp Black Tea
- 1 Cup Organic Cane Sugar
- 1 Jar for Brewing
- 6 Bottles
- 1 Funnel
- And, some CBD Oil 

Here's how to brew your Kombucha:

Step 1: Steep 3 Tbsp of black tea into 4 cups of boiling water for 5-7 minutes

Step 2: Put the water in your jar. Add 8 cups of water to get the temp below 86F

Step 3: Add in your SCOBY

Step 4: Cover the jar with cheesecloth then let it sit for 8-10 days in a dark area to start the first ferment

Step 5: When your brew is ready, remove the SCOBY with 2 cups of your Kombucha. This keeps it ready for your next brew.

Step 6: Pour the Kombucha into the smaller bottles to start the second fermentation

Step 7: Add a pea-sized amount of honey CBD oil or drops of CBD tinctures (heat it in the microwave first so that it easily pours into the jars)

Step 8: Add some fruit (we recommend a few raspberries)

Step 9: Close the jars then put them in a dark spot for 2-4 days

Step 10: Put your jars in the fridge to cool down and stop the fermentation Then open them up and enjoy responsibly!


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